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I work together with my clients to uncover the potential of any area, and to transform it into an environment that is practical and enjoyable to live in and work in.

  • Consultation
    I meet in person with you to discuss more specifially your design needs, timeline and overall goals. I measure and photograph your space.
  • Evaluation
    I look at your space vs. your actual spatial needs and make recommendations on how to best redesign and organize it, to better fit your lifestyle.
  • Organization
    I help you clear your space of items that are no longer needed or useful, bring order and plan for improved storage solutions for the items that are most important to you.
  • Space Planning
    I design a plan for your space that includes the most optimal furniture placement, recommend new pieces that are flexible and versatile, as well as improved storage solutions.
  • Shopping
    I manage all purchases, deliveries and returns related to the project.
  • Implementation
    I bring together the new solutions developed for your space, assembling, organizing and integrating all of your belongings in an ideal set up.
  • Rate
    $98 per hour. A six-hour minimum is required. ​ Please contact me for service rates outside of San Francisco.
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