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Barb Alvarado

Having lived in small spaces most of my life, my mission is to help enhance and simplify my client’s lives through thoughtful space organization and redesign. I am a designer with an architecture and cabinetmaking background, as well as a professional organizer. I am always excited to take on new challenges and to work with new people.

I believe that good design and good organization are the keys to thriving in small spaces. Living in small spaces can be liberating. It is a good exercise in thinking about what really adds value to our lives, focusing on quality over quantity, simplifying our lives, and making room for the things that matter most. 

Client Reviews

"Our basement, for an active family of five, was a cluttered, disorganized disaster before we worked with Barb. She kept us accountable to make the time to tackle the stuff and helped us find ways to reorganize that made sense with the space and use of each thing. We no longer fear our basement and trying to locate things as it's transformed in to an organized, accessible storage area with labelled bins and practical placement of items used throughout the year. Thanks for your expertise!"                                                                                                                                                                     - Dara & John

"Barb was a pleasure to work with. She asked great questions without being judgemental that really helped me to clarify what I actually use and how I really use it. Based on my priorities, she gave me a game plan to corral the out-of-control toy situation, and spent an hour or so helping me to reorganize my kitchen. She listened to my specific needs and gave me ideas to tackle my stuff. Her fee was worth every penny, especially because she repurposed some of my things, and essentially gave me more space in my small San Francisco home."                                                                        - Jessie W.

"Barb helped us transform our home to separate our office and our daughter's room. We all love it! Even better, she was on time and on budget!"                                                                                                               - Lesly Simmons, Mama's Guide

"I was completely blocked with my guest room/home office. Barb helped me un-clutter fast and harmonize the space with very practical and affordable solutions, room looks gorgeous now."                                                                    - Susi F.

"With imagination and a keen eye for design, Barb helped us add more space to our small two-bedroom home, by converting a hall closet and a walk-in closet into two new "rooms." Barb’s idea was to use what we had  (inherited walnut furniture, large baskets from our dining room/kitchen area, extra bookcase) and make the closet spaces functional and pleasant to “walk” into.  We now have a much needed office space and a playroom for our grandchildren. Our home now feels calm, organized and looks beautiful!"                                                                                                                  - Barbara M.

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